Our Mission

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2nd Chance 4 Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.  The specific purposes of this organization are to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged individuals in our community through donation of supplies and support services and work with other charitable organizations conducting charitable activities.  We further our purposes under this program by providing school supplies, clothing, playthings, social services and other community-based programs to underprivileged and homeless children and adults.  We have developed one program in furtherance of our purposes entitled:  


 2nd Chance 4 Kids  


Through our program, we collect supplies from a strong network of friends, family and joint community-youth program sponsors. Through our relationships with local school districts, local retailers, local church organizations and local/region-based hotels, we encourage donations of supplies for the benefit of needy individuals in our community. We also host corporate-sponsored fundraisers to solicit donations of supplies from the public. Once our organization has collected the supplies from our community, we deliver them to the homeless who occupy various street locations in Los Angeles County, and soon to be, various Texas counties.

We also work with local rescue missions, community shelters, local churches, community youth centers, local offices of the United Way, the American Red Cross, GoodWill Industry International and the Salvation Army to determine the needs of the individuals who frequent these facilities. Specifically, we work with these organizations and provide the needed supplies to these organizations in an effort to assist the poor. We also work with local state and governmental agencies to identify and support individuals for the purpose of expansive outreach into community shelters and the homeless population.  Our Board Of Directors will determine the organizations most in need of our donations and will allocate the supplies accordingly.


In addition to the donation of supplies, we also provide charitable programs to the public. We help organizations big and small provide critical services and programs in the community including but not limited to violence prevention programs, mentorship, and technical/leadership skills. Our participation in these programs includes the following services:


      • Youth Mentorship: Be a “Big Brother” & “Big Sister” to a child struggling in grade school transitions at school. We provide extra guidance and support with personal well-being, self-esteem, community engagement and life skills. A mentor is a valued, influential supporter, in the life of an emerging adult.

      • Training/Technical Assistance: Provide a variety of training, technical assistance, and workshops to the community via community volunteers and technical staff of sponsoring corporations.

      • Healthy Lifestyle Fundraisers: Provide exercise and fitness programs, emotional wellness programs, and arrange motivational coaches for the community. 
  • The "Anything" Kids Clubs:  Kids teaching other kids how to "give back" via cool clubs and tech advancements.     
      • Childhood Literacy Advocacy: Our organization will collect 200-400 books throughout the year to be donated to individuals in need and who frequent the organizations with which we work.  We will identify opportunities to build a library/resource center in shelters, where applicable.

Earning and maintaining the trust of our donors is very important to us at 2nd Chance 4 Kids, Inc..  Our commitment to a no pressure donor experience and full transparency is key to a trusting relationship with all of our donors. We invite you to actively participate in our charity activities and get to know the children and families we support (if desired).