2nd Chance 4 Kids
 (brought to you by 2nd Chance 4 Kids, Inc.) is dedicated to providing homeless and underprivileged children with clothing, school supplies, playthings, social services, mentoring services and community relations programs.  

Through our business partners, community alliances and direct outreach by our "Off The Streets" team, we help provide services to over 4,000 families per month.

There are now nearly 2.5M homeless children in America...
Together, we continue to make a difference! 

2nd Chance 4 Kids, Inc. is a registered 501(C)(3) 
and your donations are 100% tax deductible

Thank you For Another Successful Year !

We appreciate all of our volunteers, sponsors and advocates!!
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Why Care ?

In America, we have a reported 2.5M homeless children. That is only the "reported" number... sadly, there are more children that go unreported...
Please help us, help others, in taking the first steps in giving a "2nd Chance 4 Kids". 
It's not how much you actually give... giving back happens in many ways--give your time, talents and/or donations. 




Thank you for your continued support and sponsorship in helping to provide mentoring services, community relations programs and healthier lifestyle programs to underprivileged children.

Periodically, we will post amazing stories of courage, determination and hope as children share their stories on what life was like on the street before, then after, they were given a "2nd Chance".  

Again, we thank you!